The logo of EduCorp captures the essence of our philosophy. Our belief is that every individual is full of capabilities. All that is required is an appropriate ambience to nurture that talent. The water droplet transforming into a pearl represents each individual as a fresh drop of water that has the potential of turning into a pearl. The two curves in the logo signify the nurturing culture at EduCorp just like an oyster that enables every individual to realize their true potential.
About Us


Aiming for CAT 2021 ?

Stop Thinking, Start Preparing.

Why we are the best CAT coaching Institute?

EduCorp’s Culture

‘A Sweet Little Place’, ‘Very Addictive’,
‘Second Home’, and ‘The best thing to have happened to us’…!

When was it that you heard such descriptions for an educational institute??
But that’s the beauty of EduCorp.There is something about this place that you just can't stop falling in love with it. Ask any EduCorpian and you are bound to get in affirmative that some of their best times spent were at EduCorp.

Our Mentors

‘Nothing inspires more than actions.’
Imagine being directly taught by those who themselves appear for the CAT every year so that their students are able to keep pace with the dynamic nature of the competitive exams. And every year, they crack it with utmost ease. And if their performance is not enough, their passion for teaching is something that definitely instils confidence in all the EduCorpians. Their core ideology: ‘Students should be treated like friends, and guided like kins’.

Students' Journey

‘The best learning is one in which the journey seems more rewarding than the destination.’

Your search for such a journey gets over here. EduCorp’s friendly and fun-learning culture ensures that its mentors are always approachable. The enlightenment inside the classes, the intellectual discussions outside of them, the informal banter, the welcoming smiles, and the surprise success parties; EduCorp experience is something that students cherish all their lives.

EduCorp: The Best of both the worlds

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Why do EduCorpians Succeed

Personal attention during TrainingNational-level Benchmarking during Testing

Our Program - The features

Classroom Sessions

Study Material

Test Series


Management Sessions

Personality Identification

1. Classroom Sessions

The main reason you all have wanted to seek professional help. And hence must be delivered by the best in the field. With an initial focus on building basics and subsequent progress to the highest levels, EduCorp mentors are experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely approachable all the time.

2. Study Material

Competitive exams keep changing their colour. And so, your study partner, the material, should also keep you updated with the changes. An extensive, well-researched, relevant, and up-to-date study material is a must. An exhaustive set of 35-40 books clarifies, tests, and explains every single concept, giving you an insight into the world of aptitude exams.

3. Test Series

Your competition is not just with a class of 30 students; it is with lacs of fiercest competitors. And the final frontier is conquered only when your practice shows you a real picture. EduCorp’s testing platform has a nation-wide reach that ensures that your mock testing before the final exam is precise. And every performance of yours is reviewed by your mentors: to guide you, to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to strategize your plan of action.

4. Workshops

EduCorp never leaves you unattended even after your syllabus is complete. EduCorpians are encouraged to attend regular workshops to ensure that they are able to reach the pinnacle of their performance. Depending on one’s performance, one is guided to keep attending revision workshops or rigorous workshops.

5. Management Sessions

The bigger picture in mind!
At EduCorp, you are prepared not just for the competitive exams, but also for your professional life ahead. Corporate Trainers and Industry Experts regularly deliver sessions on various aspects of management to give a macroscopic view of your career. That is the reason why EduCorpians generally perform better in their organisations.

6. Personality Identification

The students describe this as the happiest phase of their lives. Students start attending it with an obvious aim – ‘preparing for the GD-PI’, and end up looking at it, and themselves, with a whole new perspective. The most enlightening, highly introspective, and completely transformational, P.I.P. lays utmost emphasis on individual feedback. No wonder it has the highest success rate of converting the interview calls into final offers.